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External illustrative material:

The photographic material used partly originates from the PhotoCase or Fotolia image database. You can find more information about this at or



Felina GmbH carries out diligent research and makes every effort to ensure that only information that is complete and correct is published on its web pages. However, Felina GmbH assumes no warranty or liability that such information is complete, up-to-date, of high quality and correct. Use of such information shall lie solely within the user's sphere of responsibility.



All content, including all texts, images, graphics, designs, icons and videos etc., on Felina GmbH's web pages is protected under copyright law. All commercial use, particularly storage in databases, publication and any other form of use for business purposes, without the consent of the rights holders is prohibited.


Trademark rights:

Felina GmbH owns all trademarks and logos published on its own website.  This does not apply to trademarks or logos of other companies that are shown for information purposes in connection with an external company. These trademarks and logos are owned by the companies concerned. Use of Felina GmbH's trademarks and logos, or those of such companies, by third parties - in whatever manner - is impermissible.



Felina GmbH's website provides links to other websites. These external sites are checked for unlawful content before such links are made public. However, Felina GmbH has no control over the material made public on such sites, and shall not be responsible for the content or data protection strategies of external sites. Felina GmbH shall assume no liability whatsoever for the content of the sites linked to. Any indications of unlawful content shall be investigated by Felina GmbH, and Felina GmbH shall remove the link concerned if need be.


Data protection:

Felina GmbH shall handle your data responsibly. Therefore, personal data shall be collected, stored and processed only insofar as this is necessary for carrying out our service or for handling enquiries, and only insofar as this is ordered or permitted under statutory regulations. Beyond the foregoing, we shall use your personal data only insofar as you have given your express consent thereto. You may at any time revoke your consent by, for example, writing an email to info@felina.d, stating your identity. Felina GmbH shall treat your data confidentially and in accordance with the provisions of data protection law, and shall not pass on your data to third parties. Personal data shall be stored on our own servers.


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